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Reconnective Healing tends to be a life-changing experience!

What is Reconnective Healing?

  • The Reconnective Healing spectrum is comprised of the full healing and evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information.

Now for the first time, you may access a new, more comprehensive spectrum of healing that has been attainable at any point prior to now, one that not only includes, yet expands beyond any and all known forms of “energy” healing.  It allows for healings that are not just physical, not just mental, not just emotional… yet go beyond that to bring you healing that includes the evolution of your very being and essence!

Your interaction with these highly palpable energies is initiated during your session, and they continue to work with you long after you’ve left your Reconnective Healing Practitioner’s office. Following your sessions, you will be attuned to a more comprehensive and evolutionary healing frequency than ever before.

Although there is a great benefit to meeting one in person for a healing session, it is equally effective remotely and distance does not weaken the effect. So if you are unable to attend in person, we can arrange to conduct a healing remotely.

The Reconnection

Originally, the meridian lines (sometimes called acupuncture lines), on our bodies were connected to the grid lines that encircle the planet. These grid lines were designed to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid, tying us into the entire universe. Over time, we become disconnected from these lines.

  • The Reconnection brings in and activates these new lines, allowing for the exchange of energy, light and information, the reconnection of DNA strands.

Please Note: While it is not required, it is suggested that you experience one to three Reconnective Healing sessions prior to your Reconnection.

The Reconnection consists of two sessions generally 45 minutes to one hour in length and ideally on consecutive or alternate days.


Eric Pearl appears on the TV show, “The Other Side” and demonstrates Reconnective Healing on Linda, a member of the studio audience with chronic shoulder pain and limited mobility.     

 Practitioner Thomas Chambers

Reconnection Healer – Spiritual Healer, and Life Coach



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