Two thousand years ago the Master of love walked upon the earth and by example gave us a code to live by:  Love and compassion.
Today, at this very moment, we as a collective energy are changing the world.
We are planting seeds of love and creating a potential where one day our children and their children will live in a world of peace.
Our love is expanding rapidly and ascension is upon us.
Transformation begins with loving yourself first. We came here to experience all of life in its entirety and what appeared to be our darkest experiences actually taught us how to love more deeply. This is the contrast of our lives.  The warmth of the great sun and all the beauty she provides is only experienced and felt after we have experienced the darkness of night. When we love all that arises, we are living the experiences we incarnated for.
I pray that as we travel this journey together our love will grow exponentially and that all will feel the love and light that you are. Let our mantra be Compassionate action.



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